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Wright Elementary School Partnership

NOTICE--Due to COVID restrictions, direct contact between volunteers and students has been suspended for the 2021-2022 school years. We hope these activities can be resumed next year. The description below explains what we formerly did with Wright and hope to do again in the near future! Financial support continues.

CR Noon Lions Club has an ongoing partnership with Wright Elementary School, that includes tutoring in the classroom, being breakfast buddies, and  collecting coupons, box tops & used batteries. In addition, many club members assist with the spring carnival. 

Each year the club undertakes a major project in support of Wright Elementary School. For several years we have donated money for library books. In 2018-19 we donated $1000 to the school library for books, $500 for the school carnival, and gave $20 Target gift cards to each of the 26 Wright school teachers to help with classroom purchases. 

The Wright School  Partnership Committee is chaired by Margaret Debner.


How to help

In additional to special project financial support, members of our club volunteer at Wright to help both inside and outside the classroom.

BREAKFAST  or LUNCH BUDDIES: Dine with the students and share their stories and concerns. This is an opportunity for them to have another positive relationship with an adult.​

CLASSROOM MENTORS: This is an opportunity to work with one or several students in areas where they need extra attention ranging from specific subjects as determined by the teacher or general time spent with a child in need of adult contact and socialization. Classroom matches are made in late September, with consideration of the talents and ages preferred by the volunteer.

SPRING CARNIVAL: Each spring Lions volunteer to help with the Wright spring carnival. This is a Friday late afternoon event of games, prizes, food, and a raffle. The Lions provide support and supervision of activities - generally 2-3 hours total per person.


OCCASIONAL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: At times there are special needs for extra assistance; these are generally short term such as helping with hearing screening or an assembly.

Volunteer Procedure

Obtain and fill out a yellow volunteer information card from  our club's Lions Club Wright partnership coordinator.  The coordinator will return it to the school's volunteer coordinator who will set up an assignment for you. Our coordinator will advise you your assignment so you can begin.


The Cedar Rapids Community School District uses a volunteer program called RAPTOR. Volunteer applications are filled out on-line annually in advance at . When you arrive at the school check in at the office (each visit) to get a volunteer guest identity badge. 


Keep track of your volunteer time and report it to the Lions Club Wright partnership coordinator  at least 3 days before the end of the month. This info becomes part of our club's permanent records and is reported to both Lions Clubs International and Lions of Iowa state offices. 

Please contact the school volunteer coordinator with further questions. She is most available via e-mail.

Be sure you consult with the staff about things like touching a child (they love to hug you), disruptive children, building rules, and who to contact if there is a problem that needs additional attention. 

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