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Variety Show

Each fall, the club sponsors a Variety Show of musical talent. Our 2019 show was held September 8 at 2:00pm at CSPS Hall. Featured performers were the  Mike Maas & Pat Smith Duo, dances from India, and comedian Doug Thompson. Click the arrow to see more.


In recent years, club fundraisers included chili suppers and pancake breakfasts, coloring book sales, and, many years ago, broom, bulb & bag sales. This spring we held a "Non-Event Fundraiser" instead of the traditional meal and bake sale. Click the arrow to view...


Club meetings include opportunities for members to donate to our administration account through recognition of family birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and sports rivalries (from Hawkeyes to Cubs to Boilermakers). 

Memorial Fund

If you would like to honor one of our members through a memorial fund donation, contributions should be addressed to the attention of our treasurer, Don Magee, and mailed to P.O. Box 1881, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406 

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